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You're doing great!

Scrolling through social media lately I'm seeing many people not quite at the breaking point, but cracking under all of this "stay at home" stuff.

We've all had to deal with a lot of "new normal" stuff - albeit, hopefully temporary - it was thrown at us all at once. We are starting to get antsy - being home for more than 50 days here in NY - and patience is running thin --- I think we all need to take a collective breath. The slogan "we're all in this together" is true and not true. It's true we are all dealing with this - but we all have different "things" going on.

I'm seeing friends who are moms - some who work outside of the home, and some who don't - are now not only running a household, possibly working from home - playing referee, keeping track of Zoom schedules, and homeschooling -- slowly losing it. Frustration levels are high.

I wish there was a magic answer for all of this -- the virus, the economy -- all of it, but there isn't. As hard as it all is -- we have to just roll with it. Control what you can, communicate and take some deep breaths. Pray that this all gets figured out quickly and we can get back some sort of normal - whatever that may be.

The good news is everyone is dealing with their own struggles with this - no one has ever dealt with something of this magnitude. We all have to figure out how best to deal with it.

Deep breath - you're doing great! You've got this!

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