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Drum roll please. . .

I'm so excited to tell you that I have published 2 activity books for children! They are both "live" on Amazon now ---

You may be thinking -- "Activity books? How does that fit with the rest of Serenity Lane Designs?" Good question ;) SLD is all about creativity - and I have been learning to embrace those qualities in me more and more - and when you are growing your own brand you can do just about whatever you'd like. lol. Although -- eventually I will break things apart into their own identity -- but I need them to grow some roots first before transplanting them.

When I was younger, I loved to write. Stories, poems, verses and such. I can still hear my mom telling me I should write books, or short poems and verses for greeting cards (hmm -- see a connection here? lol). As I got older and life got busier - my writing grew silent. About 10 years ago or so I took classes and got certified in writing for kids and teens - short stories and magazine articles mostly. Life again got busy, and the writer once again rested.

Now, don't get me wrong -- these 2 activity books by no means has awoken the writer. In fact there is little creative writing in them. BUT - it has stirred the writer from slumber and it's time she figure out a plan. So, while she does that - I'm going to get my feet wet a bit, find a good spot to plant myself, because there is a book in me! Ironically the one that is gnawing at me to be written is not in the YA market - but searching for things in the niche and not finding much similar --- tells me it needs to be done. So -- it may take some time, but it will be done. I have research to do, writing, so much to do. But it will be done. One day. In the meantime - some activity books are a fun way to pour out some more creativity.

So -- about these activity books. One is a Halloween book -- full of coloring pictures and puzzles. They would be perfect for trick-or-treaters, or classroom downtime. The second is a countdown to Christmas book - a twist on an Advent calendar. The pages are labeled - December 1, etc. with out a year so this can be used year after year. In this activity book you will find so many fun things to get ready for Christmas. Each day there is a fun coloring page and an activity. The activities are meant to both be quiet activities like puzzles, drawing or letter writing - or active activities like games, craft projects, kid-friendly recipes, and so much more! It's fun for the entire family. A checklist of items needed for each day is included in the back of the book for the adult helper! ;)

So -- I'd love for you to check them out, share them with others and stuff. More will come soon! I'm so glad you stopped by - happy for your support in my crazy creativity ;) be watching for more --- you know i have more ;)

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