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Serenity Lane Designs is growing again!

I've had an idea rattling around in my head for awhile - and I've decided -- just do it already! So -- -coming this fall --- subscription boxes! Well -- first - just 1, but more to come!

The brainstorming and research has been fun and interesting -- I'm already learning a ton. My original idea I soon learned was very -- let's say, lofty. lol. Not impossible --- but it was out there. lol. So - after some more research I have a plan - and a bigger idea to grow into!

The first box to be offered will be handmade greeting cards - already made and ready for you to send to someone special. It's still in the evolving stage - but I'm thinking 3 or 4 "regular" cards, and 1 "special" card -- deluxe model if you will -- maybe a fun fold, or something "extra". Each box will have a good variety of cards - birthday, sympathy, simple hello, etc. Then later I hope to add another box - offering kits to make your own cards, and then growing to crafting kits. Lots more planning and researching to do!

If you're interested in learning more about the subscription boxes, and getting a first "heads up" about the launch --- be sure to get on the wait-list! You'll get all the latest news about the launch date -- and a few lucky subscribers may even get picked to receive a test-run box. Anyone who signs up now for the wait-list will also get 10% off your first box when they go live. You'll want to be in the know about these boxes -- I have been thinking I may need to limit it to a max number so I can keep up with production and pay attention to details.

While I work out all the details and fun stuff --- you should also grab a spot on the mailing list. Here you will always be in the know -- what's happening in my shops, the new boxes and soon all the fun we'll be having in the Facebook group ---- a craft project thrown in, some videos, plus, some freebies here and there! I won't spam you with a ton of stuff -- and it will be published once a month - or every 6 weeks. I'd love to have you tag along on the ever growing journey.

Speaking of the Facebook group -- Around the Craft Table. The group has been activated and waiting to "do something" for awhile -- lol. So --- it's time to dust out the corners and start to have some fun. We'll craft together, share projects and chat. I hope to start hosting a monthly craft night soon - for all crafting levels --- and so many more ideas. So - if you're not in the group - and it seems like fun -- please, stop by.

I'm so excited to launch this next piece of Serenity Lane -- and I can't wait to share it with you.

Below are links to sign up for all the things I've mentioned ---

Stay tuned --- fun is coming!

Thanks for stopping by --- and happy crafting!

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