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you can have your basket -- and eat it too ; )

I know what you're thinking -- wow, about time you wrote a blog post! lol --- it certainly has been a minute. I wanted to share a fun project - maybe a fun last minute Easter idea. check this out --- an Easter basket -- MADE of candy! Yay!

Fun, right?

Here is how it goes together - step by step.

Start by gathering your supplies:

  • 4 or 5 "movie theater" size boxes of candy (easiest to get them close to the same size)

  • 1 long piece of candy for the handle - i used a "nerds rope" - could also use licorice, etc.

  • glue gun

  • cardboard *

  • Easter grass * (*optional)

OK -- plug in your glue gun -- and let's get started.

Step 1 -

Lay out your candy boxes and see how they fit together. The box for the bottom/middle is optional. You could cut a piece of cardboard to fit in the bottom instead. I used a box of candy - it doesn't quite stretch the whole width - but i wasn't putting anything in it that would slide out of the holes.

Step 2 -

Time to start gluing! Add hot glue to the ends of the box, and start building. If you are going to put a box in the center - I recommend placing that one before the 4th side piece. (you will want to glue the boxes so they are flat against each other)

Step 3 - Once the sides are all together - if you are adding cardboard, do that now.

Step 4 - Time for the handle! You will want to glue this to the inside of the basket.

And there you have it -- an Easter Candy Basket! Add some Easter grass if you'd like -- fill it up with more goodies, it's all up to you! The recipient will love ripping into this!

Thanks for stopping by the craft table! I promise not to stay away for so long -- so be sure to pop back in soon!

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