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Project: Mini Valentine Mailboxes

We're working with two of my favorite things today --- paper crafts --- AND chocolate! Today we're making cute little Valentine Mailboxes -- delivering CHOCOLATE! yay! How cute are these??!

They are too cute -- and go together quickly. They are also great for using up scrap papers. And - they don't have to be just for Valentine's day - switch out the decorative paper and the sky is the limit --- party favors, lunch box surprises, showers - a little hello for office mates desks --- so many uses.

Below is a list of supplies I used - with links to some similar things on Amazon if you need the suggestions. You'll also find all of the measurements. To watch the complete instructional video -- drop by my YouTube page!

Don't forget to pop into the Facebook group and drop some pics! I'd love to see what your working on!!

Mini Valentine Mailboxes



Hershey Nuggets

Solid Color Papers

Shades of Pink - Cardstock

Shades of Red - Cardstock

Assorted Colors - Cardstock

Fun Patterned Papers

Valentines Day Pattern

Red Plaid Papers

Pink Patterns


Corner Punch

Round Punch

Heart Punch Glue

Scotch Tacky Glue for Papercrafts





Each mailbox will need -

  • 4" x 1 1/4" strip of solid paper/card stock

  • 4" x 1" strip of fun patterned paper

  • 3" x 1" strip of solid paper with rounded corners on each end (this will be the base, and look like the open door of the mailbox)

  • 2 small hearts

  • 1 small circle

  • 1 skinny strip for the flag

Enjoy! Be sure to pop in next week when we make paper flower kissing balls Around the Craft Table!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

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