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Hey Everyone -

Thanks for joining me Around the Craft Table today!

I'm so excited to show you a fun project today using items from the Dollar Tree. Look what I made from salt and pepper shakers and a butter dish! I am in LOVE with this!

How cool is this? Below you'll find some photos of the process. Let me walk you through it.

Materials I used - From the Dollar Tree -

  • 2 sets of glass salt and pepper shakers

  • 1 plastic butter dish (base and cover)

  • 1 stem of flowers

Chalk paint - white (I used Waverly - found at Walmart, but any will do)



glue gun -glue sticks

foam brush

Start off by painting all of the pieces - outsides only of S&P shakers and butter dish -- except the base - paint all of it. After it dries you may want to do a second, maybe third coat depending on how covered you want it to look.

After it is covered and dry the way you like it -- start assembling. Glue the lid of the butter dish upside down on the base (right side up). Glue the lids of the S&P shakers on the underside of the base - glue the holes to the base, they won't quite fit the other way.

Next - using a spot of hot glue, attach the twine to the top of the shaker, and wrap it around to your liking. Cut it, and glue down the end. Cut a smaller piece of twine and tie it around and make a knot, trim the ends to your desired length. Do this on all 4 shakers.

Next is to embellish your base - you really can do anything you like, on any of this. Paint it all purple if you want! It's all up to you! To replicate the embellishments I did, start by wrapping some twine around the base and glue the ends in the area you will be adding the flower. The flower will hide the end.

To make the flower - cut 6 short pieces of twine all the same length. Turn the button over and glue one 'petal' to the back and add all 6.

Then glue the flower to the base. Next, add your vases into the box.

Now you are ready to add your flowers and enjoy!

This is such a fun project! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have questions - or better yet - show me what you made - pop in to the Facebook group - Around the Craft Table with Serenity Lane Designs. I would love to see how you made it your own!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't wait to see you again!

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