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Playing with Digi-Stamps --

*** confessions of a lazy blogger -- lol.

When i popped in to post the Easter DIY the other day --- i found this blog post in my draft folder -- never published! oops - lol. SO -- better late then never. I think it's only 6 months old. lol --- enjoy!

I love playing with different mediums. I enjoy using a digi-stamp from time to time. What is a digi-stamp you ask ---a digital stamp, an image -- think of it as "clipart" to some degree. I love to use it. You can print it out in whatever size you want. Since I've been playing with alcohol markers lately they pair nicely!

So -- I decided to use digi-stamps for my niece and nephew's birthday cards this year. Below the images you will see info on the images, and links to them.

The digi-stamps are from a company that i absolutely LOVE -- Bugaboo Digi Stamps. They have tons of fun things, and every Friday a new freebie is released! In the top card - for my penguin loving nephew - I used Birthday Penguin cake. The second card used - Theodore - Birthday Sign.

The papers I used in each card were things I had on hand. I added some glitter highlights to my niece's card - as well as some paper daisies I had. I have been having fun playing with alcohol markers lately -- and these cards are an example of that. I used a variety of different brands of markers.

Cute stuff, huh? Thanks for stopping by the craft table!

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