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Letting go of control in chaos -

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

So the world is in the midst of a pandemic - Covid-19. Sigh. Life has certainly been turned upside down. I'm in NY state - so as you can imagine it's been especially different. Schools closed, 'stay at home' orders, business shut down -- working from home. It's a lot to take in.

I have been saying I think we are fighting 2 battles - 1 is the virus, and 2 is fear and anxiety of it. People have lost their minds. Between hoarding toilet paper, canned goods, pasta and flour like the world is ending. Or the twenty year old college students - spring breaking on the beaches without a care in the world. There are the people holding house parties with 60+ people -- and the people that think just because you can go for groceries you should go every day and hang out for as long as you want. Sigh.

As I'm writing this post, the 'curve' seems to be flattening and (fingers-crossed) dipping down a bit in NY. I pray the rest of the country sees quick relief from it.

I have been "home" for about 6 or 7 weeks at this point. I don't mind it per se - I work from home, so it seems pretty normal to me, but I'm used to being able to take a day and go do what i need or want to do. Lately we've been doing a Walmart grocery pick-up to avoid crowds and people. My husband is working from home. We are hunkered in and doing ok.

The biggest stress for me is probably my dad. He stay in a Veteran's center. They have been on lock down well before the virus hit the area - but, of course I'm still worried. I usually go to see him at least once a week (the center is a little more than an hour away), and go to his doctor appointments - keep tabs on him for hospital visits, etc. Now - we chat each night on the phone and wait for this all to get under control and for it to be safe to visit. There is just something about being able to put eyeballs on him to see for myself that he is ok. I've seen the photos and videos of people standing outside of loved ones rooms - dad's room is on the third floor, so - that is out. lol.

So - through all the chaos, we give up the control. We roll with the punches and have faith that everything will begin to work itself out and we all come through this with new understandings and appreciations. The sickness is scary. It's hard to know what everything will look like on the other side of it all.

Until then - we take a breath, and try to find the calm in the chaos - be informed but not submerged in it.

How are you coping with the pandemic? Leave a comment below! :)

Stay safe - stay well - stay home.

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