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I need your opinion ---

Hey everyone! OK. So I have been playing around with a few ideas to grow this creative space, and make it a little more interactive. I need your help and opinion! If you wouldn't mind I'll be adding a link below to a short survey. First - let me explain what kind of things I'm thinking about. The first possibility would be a monthly craft challenge. It would be open to any crafting level. At the beginning of the month I will post the info for that months challenge. It may be a theme. For example, maybe the theme is rainbow. Your craft could be anything using a rainbow, or the colors of a rainbow. Maybe you crochet, you could crochet a pillow in rainbow colors. Or, maybe you like to make cards - include a rainbow on the card, or use the colors in some way - maybe rainbow colored candles on a birthday cake. The choice is up to you - as long as you stay in the guidelines provided. Or, the challenge may be something more specific. Maybe I will give you a list of items - let's say from the Dollar Tree. The list includes a candle, a stove burner cover, and some wall stickers. The guidelines say you have to use at least 2 of the items and you can add anything else you'd like. So -- one idea - spray paint the burner cover. Place the wall stickers on it, and add some embellishments - ribbon, flowers, etc. Or, you use the candle and the stickers - grab a candle holder, place the candle in, and use the stickers on the outside of the glass candle holder -- of if it is a jar candle - add the stickers to the outside of the jar. It's all up to you. To enter your project - you would take photos, and add them to a Facebook group photo album. At the end of the month there would be either a vote - or a random draw for a prize winner!

A second option would be live crafting workshops. A list of supplies you will need would be provided. The items wouldn't be "odd" hard to find stuff, and I like to keep costs down, so it shouldn't break the bank. There would be a scheduled time to all get together in the Facebook group and I would go live and we would craft together, step by step. The video would be available later to watch if you missed it.

The third option would be a mailing - a "craft in a box". Each month you could sign up to be mailed a package of supplies, and instructions for that months craft. You will also have access to a video with step by step instructions. The projects would vary - could be a paper craft, making a wreath, lanterns, etc. Always something fun and different. When you sign up for the project there would be a fee for the cost of the supplies and postage. While I do not know for sure yet the absolute price - my guess would be between $20 and $25, depending on the craft, possibly less. I have also played with the idea of offering a craft box for kids. The cost of those would probably be around $15 -$20, possibly less - again, depending on the craft.

So -- I'd love to hear your thoughts. I have set up a short survey HERE. You are not committing to anything, i'm just doing some research. The survey will be active until 5/22/20.

Please feel free to invite any friends you think maybe interested - share the post, etc. The more the merrier. Also - be sure to join the Facebook group -- Around the Craft Table with Serenity Lane Designs. Tons of fun will be happening there soon!!

Thanks for stopping by - and helping out with the survey. I'm looking forward to growing my business and it being more interactive! See you soon!

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