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How are we doing?

I don't know about you, but I'm spending a lot of time shaking my head lately, praying for cooler heads to prevail and worried for our country. It seems like everything is in chaos.

I'm sure we've all seen the memes and jokes floating around social media -- how 2020 is just a mess. Someone asked the other day what could be next - lol, I find it better not to ask things like that. lol -- because you might just not want to know. I'm trying to roll with the punches, but i don't seem to be ducking at the right time. With a new month ahead of us --- let's see what this holds.

This virus has affected just about every aspect of life in some form or another. Add to it all the political mess (no matter what side you're on -- admit it -- it's all a mess). The peaceful protests have been run over by riots and violence. Are kids going to school, or not? Ugh. it's all so much to deal with - so many unknowns.

i just got to see my dad last week -- after 6 months. He is in a Veteran's Center. They have been on lock-down, and so far - fingers-crossed, and knock on wood - the facility has been virus free and he is very well taken care of. We got to have a "window visit" last week --- i sat outside a closed glass door - he sat inside in the vestibule -- communicating with a 2 way radio. When i posted about it on some of my social media sites a few friends mentioned how sad that was. I guess you can see it that way -- and believe me, I would have loved to sat across from him and had an easier conversation, but -- after 6 months - this is what was offered, it was safe - and it was ok with me. We talk usually every night, but it was nice to see that he looks good, and cared for.

How have you been coping? I've been crafting, and working on business plans. Spending lots of time at home on the couch - lol. Hoping that soon we will be able to look at all that this year has presented us and laugh in it's face - because, this to shall pass -- maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

Hang in there -- and thanks for stopping by!

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