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Hopped right past Easter --

When I was going through some pics on my iPad - I realized I forgot to post the Easter card I made for my dad ---

My dad lives in a VA care center. In 2012 he had a tumor (non-cancerous) removed from his brain. He never quite recovered physically from the surgery, and for everyone's safety he moved in to the VA a couple years ago. The facility has been on lock down due to the virus since early March - no one in or out, and the staff have a protocol to follow. So far so good!

The card is significant. My dad spends a lot of time coloring - scenic pictures, animals, birds etc coloring books, not things like mandala designs and such. Each year in August he begins his Christmas cards. Each is carefully colored with perfection. Seriously. If there is a stray line he can't fix - in the trash it goes. So - i knew he would appreciate this card. The Easter eggs are colored in with alcohol markers --- dad's choice is colored pencils. So i knew he would appreciate the time and effort.

When he told me he got it - I told him how i had colored the eggs - he thought it was background paper. lol. He was pretty impressed. I'm so glad he liked it.

Materials used - eggs - background stamp, colored with Stampin' Up alcohol markers. Paper is blue shimmer card stock from The Paper Cut. The bunny is from a free napkin ring file from Dreaming Tree. The embossed design on the outside flap is an embossing folder by Darcie.

I'll have to take some pics of dad's Christmas cards, and you'll understand where my love of crafty, art stuff may come from ;) .

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon ----

(scroll down to see an update - and some photos of dad's projects)


I've had a few ask about dad's projects -- thought I would share a few with you . I have to take pics of the Christmas cards, but these are some of the other things he has colored. (Be sure to click on each pic to see the full picture!)

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