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Catching up. . .

hi everyone ---

it's been so long since i've written - i wonder who is still hanging out in the dusty corners. lol

so much has been happening behind the scenes here on serenity lane since the spring postings. the short of it is that my dad passed away on July 4th of this year - and the month of June went by in a blur of hospital stays, doctor appointments, meetings and such. dad was one of my biggest cheerleaders - so supportive of my business. he had been living in a veteran's home the past few years due to declining mobility from a brain tumor years ago --- and i had to keep him stocked in business cards. he would hand them out to everyone! when someone would come into his room and notice some of the things i've made for him - he'd whip out a card and proclaim how i'd made it --- i had made him a pendulum clock within the last year or so -- all out of paper and card stock. he loved when someone would notice it on the wall --- he'd say --- you know -- that's all made out of paper! and they would be astonished - even he couldn't believe it -- and then proceed to try to sell them one! lol.

dad was quite a craftsman himself. in his younger years he worked with leather - making wallets, bags and belts carefully stamped with intricate designs - he also was a very talented carpenter. whatever dad made - it's not falling apart. whether it's fixing something in a home or crafting toy boxes for grandkids - entertainment centers for us girls, or a makeshift frame to hold up a garbage bag --- he took pride in his work. dad passed peacefully after a good, hard fight. i hope he knows i'm leaving a chair open for him around the craft table as i slowly get back to work! thank you all for your patience and understanding then, and now. rest easy daddy ♥♥♥

so --- part of keeping my heard clear is being creative. i've been getting orders in my etsy shop for christmas items already - and before you know it, we'll be celebrating one holiday after the other. BUT -- my absolute favorite time of the year is fall! and i've been working on some fall craft ideas - and i thought -- why not do a fall video series! so --- here we go! woohoo ---

and --- eek! look at what we're going to make!!

i hope you'll join me! the first video will be loaded tomorrow -- and it's a fun one! a supply list and instructions will also be posted here --- and the video tutorial on my youtube channel!! also -- be watching my facebook page for some fun extras and a giveaway! find all the links you'll need here: and i'd love it if you hit the like and follow buttons :)

and ---- i'm working on the projects for this years christmas crafternoon! can't wait for you to see what we're making! stay tuned! see -- told ya --- crafting is therapy ;)

hope to see you tomorrow for the first video -- around the craft table!

happy crafting!

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