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calling all unicorn lovers --- free project!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

i was playing around on #pinterest and this unicorn sleep mask popped up! how cute is this -- i thought i'd share it with you on today's #frugalfriday!

you can download the SVG file from Simple Made Pretty - she gives you step by step instructions. i love this project for a few reasons - lol -- one being is it is a no-sew pattern. i have many talents -- sewing, not one of them ;) . i also love it because i have 2 little girls in my life that i'm sure would love it - my god-daughter, and my niece!

what a great project for a sleepover - they could even make them themselves! or party favors - or to tuck into an easter basket or add to a birthday gift.

head over to Simple Made Pretty -- and grab the free SVG for the no sew felt unicorn sleep mask.

thanks so much for stopping by! see you soon --- happy crafting!

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