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A Mental and Spiritual Friday Freebie -

Today's freebie is a great devotional I stumbled upon -- yes -- a freebie! It's called: "Discouraged Again? Real Encouragement for Real Life". It's a free Kindle download on Amazon. (Also - did you know you can put the Kindle app on your phone/tablet/computer -- free. It's like a 2 free Friday deal - lol).

I was drawn into the preview of this book on the Amazon site. I like her writing style, and the "realness" of her writing. I don't know about you - but worrying and being discouraged seems to be running like crazy lately. There is so much "crazy" going on. So I decided to download it and have been reading and really enjoying it.

I'll also be looking into some of her others -- like "Prayer WORRIER: Turning Every Worry into Powerful Prayer" because believe me, I'm a worrier. Ugh. I also like "Prioritize Your Life and Get All Your Ducks in a Row: By Following the Imprint of God".

One thing this "stay home" stuff has shown me is that I don't take enough time to slow down and take care of "me". I'm not working (I work seasonally scoring essays for school districts - and when the schools closed, we sort of ran out of work - lol) and i've been catching up on a lot of things I've been meaning to do. Hoping this book and some of her others help me to center myself again.

Thanks for stopping by -- check out the freebie (click the pic it will take you to the Amazon page). Let me know what you think of it!

Until the next time ----

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