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So, we all seem to have some extra time on our hands these days. Even with things starting to open up, many of us are still being cautious. You may need something to fill some time - maybe you haven't gone back to work yet, or you need some new ideas. Have you ever thought about - or taken any online classes? There are tons of things available - and now with many schools and universities being closed due to Covid, many colleges are offering free or deeply discounted courses.

So - maybe now is the time to try something new. Maybe that is a fun course - like a course at edX about Star Trek, or something more serious like learning Spanish, or courses on resume writing and job hunting. Coursera is offering free certificates for over 100 classes. Below are some links to sites offering free courses. Check them out -- maybe there is something you've been interested in checking out, or something to further your understanding at your current job, or a new hobby. The possibilities are endless. Most are self-paced.

First up is edX. If you’re looking for online courses from top schools like Berkley, Harvard and MIT, this is your spot. It was started by MIT and Harvard, and it is a nonprofit platform. It allows people to learn without the usual financial or geographical issues. It offers tons of stuff from Star Trek and wine course, to sign language, to public speaking - psychology, to engineering and computer science.

Up next is Coursera. They work with over 200 universities and businesses - Duke, John Hopkins, Google and IBM. There are tons of free courses, but they also offer a Plus program for degrees and certifications. Again - this site offers something for everyone. Check it out!

Looking for something more fun? Try bluprint. Bluprint is your stop to learn about all things crafty! Pick up a new hobby, or brush up on an old one --- there are tons of courses to take here -- most are free, but there are some that cost

So -- check them out -- keep learning! Drop me a note -i'd love to check them out!

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