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Always be kind!

Tensions are running high - globally. The Covid-19 has us all on edge. We don't want to be isolated at home any longer, but we don't want to deal with whatever the virus may do either.

What we can do --- be kind. It could mean simply wearing your mask, staying 6ft. away from people, etc..

Here is another fun idea -- it's called Text for Humanity. You send a text message of encouraging words -- it gets delivered to someone anywhere in the world, and then someone else from anywhere in the world sends you a message. They don't get your profile info -- or your number. I have gotten messages from Italy and the UK as well as the US.

Here is an example of what it looks like when you text, and receive one back. The only info you see if the number for the text service. When you sign up it asks for your first name, and country. That is saved and added to each message you send. For added security - I use a Google voice number i set up for times I do not want to give out my personal number.

For more info - click the pic to go to their website, or text the number and they will walk you through what to. check it out -- spread a little kindness and get some in return. Enjoy your day -- and be kind to one-another!

hope to see you again soon!

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