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Showing some love -

Valentine's day is right around the corner - and, better late then never - lol, i have some freebies for you to help with your decorating! These are mostly for my Cricut or cutting machine crafters. I've been playing with creating some SVG files and I wanted to share some of them with you! No cutting machine? You can still make the first project --- keep reading!

(BTW -- if there is anyone that has cutting machine experience and would love to be a tester for my files -- check it out here -- more info, and how to apply.)

So -- the free projects ---

First up -- a new trend we're seeing -- door corners. These are so fun to make.

You will get a file to create one as a single layer, or 3 separate files to stack and layer in multi colors. I recommend using a heavy card stock - especially for the single layer.

If you're doing the 3 layer project - besides heavy card stock -- try using some double sided foam adhesive to make it pop up a it and not be so flat. it will make a ton of difference.

If you don't have a cutting machine -- there is a PDF file available to print out - use it as it, or trace it on your own colors.

The next freebie file is a Valentine's day candle. These are super cute.

These are cut on permanent vinyl - 651. The candles can be found at the Dollar Tree - they have tons of colors to pick from, but sometimes the colors are seasonal -- like if your looking for orange -- grab them in the fall. I know right now they have red, and pinks and purples - spring colors.

There is a sheet of special instructions included with the cut files --- be sure to check it out.

Head on over to the Freebie Page to download the files!

I hope you have tons of fun with these projects! I'd love to see photos of your designs --- leave a pic on my Facebook page -- i'd love to see it! Until next time --- happy crafting!

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