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Project: paper flowers and kissing balls - a little late ;)

hey everyone -- thanks for stopping by. i know this is posting a little late - lol, like a week. i've moved the flowers and kissing balls into this weeks spot - and the chicken greeting card or gift tag will get bumped to next week. be watching --- the next round of videos will be a series i'm calling -- "lookin' for spring". BUT - back to this weeks project - you 'll be so glad you wandered in. i had some technical glitches and basically - i just updated my camera equipment - so took a bit of time for the learning curve, and getting a video all set for you. so --- here we go ----

we're making paper flowers and kissing balls today!! in getting ready for this project i did some googling - apparently these go by many names, but most commonly - kissing balls. they are also called pomanders, flower balls, and topiary balls. Traditionally they were used at Christmas time. it was in invitation to be kissed! it comes from the middle ages when people would gather evergreens together in a ball shape. In the middle they would place a figure to represent the baby Jesus. they would then hang them along passage ways for good luck and blessings to all who passed under them. in victorian times the tradition was updated. foliage was poked into an apple creating a round ball design. the used herbs and spices with romantic notations it soon become a romantic gesture to kiss under this ball of fragrance. today these balls are used in wedding decor, in home decor and party decorations.

so --- let's make one with some pretty paper flowers. these are so cute - and so there are so many uses. you can add some ribbon to hang them. or, set some on top of candle holders to create a centerpiece. a few placed in a basket or tray would make a great coffee table decoration.

ok - these are easy enough to make - but, they are time consuming. below is a list of supplies with amazon links to help you find them, and of course the link to the instructional video.

Supply List - Amazon Links

a roll of paper streamers (approx 1 for each ball)

glue gun / craft glue

enjoy! i'd love to see yours! post a pic in the craft group - or send me one on social media!

and - don't forget to pop in next week Around the Craft Table when we play with paper and make some adorable chicken greeting cards, or gift tags!

until then --- happy crafting, and thanks for stopping by!

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