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Poppin' in with a new Christmas Freebie!

Here's another fun Christmas printable! Today we have popcorn sleeves - perfect for a quick gift, or thank you. Need something quick for the delivery people, hairdresser, mail carrier or a neighbor -- these are quick and easy.

Putting them together is easy!

  • Simply print out each sleeve.

  • carefully cut out the wrapper.

  • Place a regular size bag of microwave popcorn on the middle section.

  • fold along the dottoed lines

  • attach at the back with a sticker, or tape, etc. (*hint -- be watching for the next freebie -- it might help with this ;) )

How cute, right? Perfect for a quick and easy gift or thank you!

Head on over to the FREEBIE VAULT and download your copy now!

There are more freebies coming -- stay tuned!!

See you soon!

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