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Lookin' For Spring - Project: Flower Pot Gnomes

Today's project is super cute! AND -- it's soooooo easy!! Any gnome fans out there? You'll love this project! I was scrolling around on Pinterest one day and saw these -- got the stuff and couldn't believe how fast it went together.

How cute are these? right?

Below you'll find a list of supplies, and the link to the short and quick video tutorial so you can make one - or 3, lol - of your own.


  • 4 inch terracotta pot

  • faux beard, or faux fur **

  • 1 inch wooden ball

  • twine

  • plant - silk or real

  • glue gun

** Believe it or not -- i found kits that had the pre-cut beards and the wooden noses on Amazon. here is the link to the one i used a quick search will bring up more - different colors, braids, etc. so easy to make it your own!

Video Tutorial

As always -- find the video -- and any others you may have missed on my YouTube Channel HERE.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as i did! I'll be back next week with a fun fold greeting card --- should be lots of fun! Until then -- happy crafting!

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