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Lookin' for Spring - Project: Carrots and Bunnies

Easter is right around the corner -- and hopefully so is spring. We just had a 10-12 inch snow fall the other day -- so I'm rooting for spring. So -- today we're making some fun bunnies and carrots! Perfect to add to your tier tray design - dough bowl, basket, or other decor. These are so cute -- they take a little time and fussing, but they turn out great.

Cute, right? Below you'll find a list of supplies and some links if you need them (please note - the Amazon links are an affiliate link, I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you). You'll also find the link to the video.

Supplies and Links

As always --- thanks for stopping in! I hope to see you next week -- we're making paper crosses that would be perfect for your Easter table decor or place setting -- see you then!

Thanks for stopping by -- happy crafting!!

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