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Let's make a Pumpkin and Paper Flowers!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the 1st post for October's Fall into Crafting! Today - we're making a pumpkin with paper flowers attached. so fun! I love this project.

Of course - if you wanted to skip the paper flowers, you could use silk flowers.

Here is a list of supplies I used --

You'll also notice in the video i was using a green tool for rolling the flowers. It's called a Flowtool -- and I love it. It makes rolling the flowers so much easier. If your working without the tool --- that's ok too. I use a dowel rod, or a pencil to roll them. If you are interested in the tool -- you can check their site out here.

Also in the video I mention stopping by here to get the patterns and files for the paper flowers I used --- here they are :)

PDF print and cut

paper flower patterns
Download PDF • 3.03MB

PNG files - sizing chart included

paper flower PNGs
Download ZIP • 1.02MB

SVG files - sizing chart included

paper flower SVGs
Download ZIP • 621KB

I hope you have so much fun with this project! if you need the link to check out the video --

hope to see you next week! we're making ghosts!! and --- they light up. so cute!

so -- until then --- happy crafting!

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Diane, I love the pumpkin you created and the paper flowers are beautiful. I came by after seeing the comment you left me about my fox garland. I wanted to invite you to my newest link party Crazy Little Love Birds on my other blog. It opens tomorrow (Friday at 9 A.M.) It runs until Tuesday. I would love for you to join us! I'll leave a link to my other blog below.

Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

thanks so much stephanie! i'll drop by to check it out later tonight! thanks for popping by!

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