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let's do some craftin'

How about some fun crafting projects? Sounds pretty good to me ;)

I started the Around the Craft Table Facebook group a while ago, with the intentions of posting projects and video instructions -- and a fun crafty community. Then -- "life" laughed at me. So -- i think, i got the joke --- and it's time to try it again. lol.

This month -- I will be posting a new project with video instruction in the Facebook group. I'll also post written instructions, and a shopping list and suggestions on products and where to find them. The written instructions and list will be here on the blog.

I'm excited to craft with you guys, and grow the crafting community! The videos will be posted each Friday -- they are not live, so feel free to watch them anytime, and craft when it's convenient for you! Don't forget to come back and show some pics of your creations! I'd love to see your spin on it.

That is one of the things I'm going to focus on - in the videos, and the group --- so many times in crafting groups i belong to, people are looking for the "exact" items, color or pattern to make the same exact project. I want to spark YOUR creativity. I'll give you a foundation - your job is to build on it!

So -- pop in to the group on Friday for the first video --- we're makin' buttons --- like, real ones -- that can hold your shirt closed -- lol. Hope to see you there --- Around the Craft Table!

(If you haven't joined the group yet --- click the picture and it will take you there.)

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