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It's time for a Christmas Freebie!

It's December and we're all getting ready for the holidays! I have some fun and exciting freebies for you this month! Be watching for decorating additions, gift ideas, and more!

First up -- today's freebie are cupcake toppers! Perfect for your holiday party. There are 4 designs to pick from - a Christmas sweater style, a gnome, a nativity and a Santa and snowman design.

  • Simply download the file from the freebies page.

  • Print the design you'd like to use and as many pages as you need -- there are 12 on each page. I recommend using card stock - or a heavier paper.

  • Then cut out each topper. They measure 2 inches wide. You could use a circle paper punch, or square paper punch -- and of course scissors.

  • Once they are cut out - attach each with glue to a lollipop/candy stick, a toothpick, or even a straw. If you'd like - you could print an extra to glue to the back of the topper so the design is seen from both sides.

  • Last - they are all set to be added to your favorite cupcake - or cookie, ice cream - whatever you'd like!

Download the FREEBIE - HERE

Be sure to follow along on my social media spots -- or check back here often --- another freebie is coming soon!!

happy crafting!

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