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i know what you're thinking. . .

lol --- does this about sum it up?

i feel like i am constantly letting you guys down with content ---- but, life, right? what can ya do? we just keep moving in the forward direction.

i'm not going to make any promises - lol , but i do have some exciting stuff i'm planning and thinking about. my "day job" is seasonal and has just wrapped up for the season -- so it will give me some time to work on the gazillion ideas flying around in my head.

ugh. there are a ton. i need to organize and prioritize them - pick one and start working on it.

can anyone else relate --- i'm normally pretty organized, but the past few years --- i seem to be in a constant state of half done projects. be it my craft desk or my house projects -- you name it - half done. lol. i work from home -- my "day job" is flexible - i can work whenever i want, and my Serenity Lane Design stuff is all me -- my own boss, and my boss doesn't have deadlines, or agendas. lol.

i think it might be time for my boss to get her "stuff" together and organize her thoughts and "stuff". it will be better for all of us.

so -- if you're game --- hang on for the ride. follow along here and on social media to see what i'm up to. and --- if you have any apps that you use to keep yourself on task and organized --- leave me a comment below -- i'd love to check them out. if i find anything good --- i'll let you know too! thanks for sticking with me! happy crafting!

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