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Fun & Freebies -- day 10

Hi everyone -- so glad you dropped back in. Today is day 10 of Christmas. It looks like this section of the carol is preparing for a party. Yesterday we had ladies dancing -- today, 10 lords a-leaping -- and **spoiler alert** (lol) the music comes soon.

As we have also been looking at the Biblical aspect of this song -- even though research has shown there really isn't a correlation --- the 10 lords a-leaping represents the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments can be found in the book of Exodus, chapter 20, verses 1-17.

Here's today's FREEBIE -- 4 actually! We can all use a stress reliever from time to time -- here are 4 fun apps to do just that.

The first is a Jigsaw Puzzle app --- thousands of puzzles to choose from, and 11 different difficulty levels.

Next is Daily Coloring - Paint by Number app ---- dozens of categories to choose from.

Third is a game - Untangle Puzzle 3D --- this is a colorful, fun 3D game with hundreds of levels. It's challenging and thought provoking -- untangling pieces of rope.

The last freebie for today --- Spot It - Difference Online --- find the differences in the bright and colorful pictures -- no timer, zoom in and out.

So -- enjoy! See you for day 11 tomorrow!

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