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Fall into. . . decoupaged pumpkins

Time for another fun fall craft -- this week, we're making decoupaged pumpkins! Fun!

These are fun to make -- a little time consuming because they need to dry for awhile, but so easy to make them fit your theme.

Here's a list of supplies for the project --

Here are some tips on the supplies --- the Styrofoam pumpkins, I got mine at the Dollar tree. I was lucky to find white ones. They also have orange, and black. If you get a different color - and your 1 ply napkin is a light color -- you'll want to paint the pumpkin white, or at least a color that will complement your napkin, because it will probably show through.

Speaking of napkins -- any napkin will do. As you will see in the video, you will only need to top layer; the layer with the design on it. If you're looking for fun designed napkins for crafting, but don't want to buy an entire package -- try searching Etsy - there are many sellers that will sell just a few napkins, or packages of 5 or 6 designs. Perfect for your craft projects -- and you should see all of the beautiful designs available. Another option for decoupaging is tissue paper. There are many awesome tissue paper designs out there to also choose from. I invite you to pop into my Zazzle shop -- I have been playing with some designs, and I have a bunch of tissue paper designs for your crafting or gift wrapping needs.

I hope you enjoy making this pumpkin -- below is the full video tutorial!

Don't forget to enter the September giveaway -- a crafty fall package that includes a a Diamond Painting kit of pumpkins. Details at the end of the video!

Hope to see you next week --- a pumpkin wall hanging is next on the list.

Until then -- happy crafting!

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