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day 6 of freebies!

Welcome to day 6 of the 12 days of Christmas Fun and Freebies!

Today -- we continue with the bird portion of the familiar song --- 6 geese a laying. Are you wondering like I have been --- what is with all of the birds? If this was a "true story" by about day 3 - I'd be questioning my "true love" and telling him to knock it off with the birds. So I did some research -- and believe it or not, there isn't much info or a concrete answer as to why. So -- the search continues ---

Meanwhile --- the biblical symbolism represents the 6 days of creation as explained in Genesis chapter 1. You can read the creation story HERE .

That brings us to today's FREEBIE!

I LOVE this WEBSITE --- Templatemaker --- it makes all kinds of boxes. You can adjust the size, etc. Yo can download the template as a cut file for your favorite cutting machine - Cricut, Shiloutette, etc. Or you can download a pdf to cut it our by hand. All sorts of shapes, sizes and types. Check it out!

Thanks for stopping in --- see you tomorrow for day 7!

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