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a sad "see you later" to an old friend.

So - the start of a new year has me looking through my shops, dusting the shelves and tidying things up. I've been putting off a decision that needs to be made with a business head - and not my heart. sigh.

We all know since the pandemic hit things have been -- well, a mess. Price increases, shortages and supply issues everywhere you look.

Thankfully -- gratefully, Serenity Lane Designs hasn't been to effected with theses things. I've had to make some changes here and there and roll with the punches --- but for the most part things have been ok.

The biggest problem I've had is with the tiles for my coasters. I'm sad to say, that this is where we must say good bye --- for now. It has been harder and harder to get the tiles I need. They no longer are available "in store", and I've been ordering them online. This has been getting worse and worse for me - since you basically have to take what you get. The quality of the tiles is -- well, junk. The tiles I have used for years have been 2 types -- one a smooth top that i use for more detailed or specific designs, and the others were a little rougher - tumbled tiles that had a more rustic feel to them. The smooth tiles are next to impossible to find these days -- and the others -- are full of more holes and broken corners then I've seen. Each time I order, I hold my breath that there will be enough usable ones in the shipment. I feel like I can no longer deliver the quality coasters and decorative tiles that I once did. Some designs can "sort of" work on some tiles -- but many of them, the image would be so full of holes and spots --- ugh. So -- I've decided to discontinue them --- for now. Fingers-crossed -- I'll be able to get tiles again one day -- and I'll dust them off and freshen up the designs and list them again -- but, until I can find quality tiles, sadly they will go in the vault.

Here are some examples -- and the "now" pics -- are some of the better tiles I pulled out. A lot of them -- the holes are not just on the top -- but go all the way through. I would guesstimate that out of 10 tiles, I can't use about 6 or 7 of them. Ugh -- which leaves me with a bunch of messed up tiles. So -- my thinking cap is on ;)

Discontinuing the coasters makes me sad. I've had my shop for 11 1/2 years, and they have been staples - a foundation if you will. I will have to go back and count up the number I've made -- I've sold them in my shops -- craft shows - I've had huge orders for class reunions - a wholesale order for a private boarding school with their logo to give to perspective parents --- and of course they took me to NYC in 2012 to appear on ABC's The Chew - and to craft with the hosts. So -- setting them aside for a bit is bittersweet for me - but I also know that i cannot offer the quality my customers deserve.

So --- over the next couple of weeks, my shop will get a bit of a cleaning. I do have some sets of coasters made and in inventory - so the ones that will be listed are to ones I have available. I also have a few other items that will be moved to a clearance bin. Some items will be price adjusted to reflect the rising costs of some supplies. Sigh -- and of course shipping costs will need to be checked - those prices are rising too. BUT -- things are going well!! I still love what I do -- and love and am so grateful that you support me!!

It's not all sad and bad news ---- I have a bunch of new items up my sleeve to work on and list. I also will be offering some Crafternoon boxes. I'm also working on some other ideas -- I'm publishing some more coloring and activity books through Amazon - -and I'm going to be working on some digital and printable items. I also plan on re-evaluating my involvement with RedBubble and my designs there. I'm working on video skills and going to be posting some crafting projects ---- so much to do! So much fun!

So -- there are many good things coming for 2023! So -- visit often! Reach out for any custom orders -- I LOVE THEM! Share social media posts, etc ---- thanks so much for your continued support!

Thanks for stopping by -- -see you Around the Craft Table!

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