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12 Days of Christmas - Fun & Freebies -- day 1&2

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a great 1st day of Christmas yesterday! Yes, 1st day of Christmas! I thought it would be fun to do some fun stuff over the next 12 days of Christmas --- yes, it's more than an annoying Christmas carol - lol.

Join me here each day until January 6 where we'll learn about the history -- and each day get FREEBIES and have some fun!! Something new and different each day!

So -- since today is actually day 2, we have some catching up to do --- time got away from me to post yesterday - so, catch up it is ----

Let's start with a little background ---

The 12 days of Christmas is the period in Christian theology that marks the span between the birth of Christ and the coming of the Magi, or the three wise men. It begins on December 25 (Christmas) and runs through January 6 (the Epiphany, sometimes also called Three Kings’ Day).

The history of the stick-in-your- head song, is a bit murky. The earliest known version first appeared in a 1780 children’s book called Mirth With-out Mischief. There are some historians that think the song could be French in origin, but most agree it was designed as a type of "party game", in which singers tested their recall of the lyrics with some kind of "penalty" if they made a mistake -- think of it as a modern day Truth or Dare.

There have been theories floating around the Internet for a few years, that it was originally written as a type of way to memorize Christian symbols - or as some sort of code for those unable to practice their religion. That theory is also a bit murky --- but, fun anyway --- so let's play a bit with both!

So -- the 1st day of Christmas - December 25th --- the gift - a partridge in a pear tree -- or in the Christian tradition -- Jesus the Christ.

Now for today's freebie! So, I'm sure you could use a day to be lazy and curl up in a blanket with a snack and watch some TV -- and - there are a ton of steaming platforms out there --- here is another one for you --- this one is FREE. Movies, TV shows -- tons of great stuff. Are you a Judge Judy fan? Freevee has her new show. Check it out here -- Freevee .

Ok - so since we are playing catch up, let's more right into the 2nd day of Christmas. From the traditional song we know the 2nd days' gift is two turtle doves. Turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love. In the Christian symbolism they represent the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Now, for today's FREEBIE --- Did you get an Instapot or Instant Pot for Christmas? I got one a few years ago - and i remember not using it for a long time. I was afraid of it blowing up on me --- and I had no idea what it would do. Well, i did some research and found a simple recipe - threw it in and stood back as it did it's thing. and OMG -- i haven't looked back! Love it! Today's freebie is a Kindle book -- an instant pot recipe book full of affordable meals you can make for under $12 - perfect for anyway who has been to the grocery store lately and noticed the price of things. So -- pop by HERE to get your free copy now.

Ok --- so now i think we are back on track :) Pop in tomorrow for the 3rd day of Christmas - and grab another FREEBIE!

thanks for stopping by!! hope to see you tomorrow --- and happy crafting!

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thanks so much.)

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