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Welcome to Spring Crafternoon!

The Christmas Crafternoon Event was so much fun - I thought we'd do another one!  (By the way - to check out the projects and info, reviews, pics and more - scroll down to find the link to the wrap up).  This Crafternoon box will include (almost) all of the items needed to make 2 projects.

How does this work?

  • First you will sign up for, and purchase your kit by the deadline. 

  • Your box will be shipped to you on the date provided.

  • About a week later - date will be provided - the instructional videos will be launched.  Feel free to work on it anytime you want - organize a crafting event with friends, or take an afternoon for yourself.  Each box will contain 1 kit.

What is included?

Each Crafternoon kit/box will include (almost) everything you need to complete the projects.  Items will be clearly marked.  You may need to supply things like scissors, glue guns or rulers.  An email will be headed to you before shipping that will outline any item you may need that won't be provided.  Each kit will also include some fun "goodies and extras".

What are we making?

So glad you asked! ;)  We will be making 2 projects - the first is a round wooden door sign.  Your round will measure 12 to 14 inches, and will come with the supplies to create one of the variations of the sign below - florals and ribbon included. When you register, please choose if you would like yours to say "welcome" or "hello".  The second project is a shelf sitter of sorts.  It consists of 4 - same size blocks.  It will spell out "h♥me".

** Please note - the photos below are my sketches, they very closely resemble the projects we will make - there may be some variation in the fonts, and ribbon/floral colors. The blocks in the shelf sitter will be all the same size. **


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