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Project: Buttons

Here is the first project/video for Fun Fridays in February! We're making buttons!

But honestly --- you could turn this technique into anything -- luggage tags, key chains - earrings, pendants -- tons of choices! Below, you'll find a list of supplies and links to some suggestions on Amazon -- of course you can use what you have or choose a different brand -- again - tons of choices.

In case you haven't seen the video, here is a quick run-down how-to. Wanna check out the video: check it out on my YouTube channel .

We're going to be using shrinking plastic sheets - like the old school Shrinky Dinks! You will notice these have 2 different sides - one smooth and shiny, the other rough and scratchy. Be sure you are always working on the rough side of the sheet. For this project - I stamped the images with a permanent - non-water based ink - i used Stazon ink. I then punched them out with a 1 3/4 inch circle punch (you can use any size or shape - just remember it will shrink down to about 20% of the size).

I then used alcohol ink markers - again, any permanent ink will work - noting water based if it is going to be washed, or may get wet. Keeping in mind that when it shrinks the colors and amount of color will be concentrated - I colored in the images.

Using a scrap piece of paper - punch out another identical piece. Fold this piece in half and add a smaller punched hole - when unfolded you will have 2 "button holes". use this as a template to punch out the button holes in your plastic rounds. *Please note --- no matter what you are making - always add any holes needed before shrinking.

Then comes the fun - using a heat gun, (can also be done in the oven) shrink the piece. The plastic with fold on itself, and twist and turn. Keep heat on it until it lays flat. Press it down with your finger, just to be sure it's flat -- careful, it's hot!

Supply list:

I used Shrinky Dink brand - it's what i had on hand, but any shrinking plastic sheet will work.

You can also place the plastic in an oven, or toaster oven if you would rather - directions will be on the package. Permanent Markers - Sharpies


Like I mentioned in the video - you can also draw your own designs. The stamps I used in the video are from Stamping Up sets - as pictured below. I've linked some fun stamps you can find on Amazon if your looking for something fun. flower stamp set


I used a 1 3/4 inch round punch in the video, and for the inside holes i used my Crop-a-dile --- i actually wanted my standard sized hole punch for the buttons -- but, where it went at the time of filming -- hard to tell. lol. You can use whatever size or shape you'd like. Here are some ideas -- Large circle punch

I hope you enjoyed this project! Like I mentioned -- it really is more of a technique -- make it your own - create something new!

Be sure to join the Facebook group if you haven't yet, and I'll see you next week for our next project!

happy crafting!

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