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Creating a Space --

We bought and moved into our house about 4 1/2 years ago. Sigh. There are still some boxes stuffed in a closet or a corner unpacked - things not completely situated. I've been trying to organize my craft room, make it more of what I envisioned - and actually be able to find what I'm looking for.

So I started with a few plain white 3-drawer containers. I picked up a roll of contact paper at the Dollar Tree with an aqua/teal design to tie in with the shabby chic design I'm going for. I covered sections of the container in it. Freshens the old, well used container up!

A few months ago, I picked up a long dresser with tons of drawers and shelves in it. I finally cleaned out the space and filled it up. I'm considering painting it white and distressing it. But for now - I cut out some words with vinyl to help me find what I'm looking for - now that I'm organized - lol.

It's a start. I also rearranged some shelves and bookcases. I need to tackle the closet next -- there are things in there I haven't touched in 4 years, lol and I need to pull stuff out to build shelves so it can be a functioning space.

I also need a new table top for my work area. The one I have now has been well used, and has been showing wear and I need a more solid top.

Stay tuned -- I'll post pics of the room as I go and when it's done -- for now - thanks for stopping by! See ya soon -- around the "new" craft table. ;)

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