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As 2022 closes and we start to get back to "normal" in 2023 --- i began tying up loose ends at Serenity Lane.  One of the things i needed to do was wrap up the Crafternoon event.  I want to thank everyone for the support on my first craft kit.  It went well!!  I learned a lot -- and I hope those of you who got the kit enjoyed the projects.  For those of you who didn't participate this time -- below are some pics of the ornaments we worked on, and a picture of the box as it shipped.  I'd love to have you join us next time!

That being said --- I need your help - both participates, and those who didn't.  As I said, this was my first box - I learned a lot, but I know there could be more to learn -- and I'd love to hear your your experience and feedback.  You'll find some surveys posted below -- i'd love to hear your thoughts.

Be watching --- a Spring Crafternoon box is in the works!  Thanks for stopping by!  See you Around the Craft Table!

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